Using a Play Station 4 Controller with your PC Games

I’m a PC gamer. Always have been.
I was gifted this Christmas with a brand new, very shiny, Playstation 4. My first real console. I’ve never had an Xbox, and I was a bit too young for my brother’s Final Fantasy X when the PS2 was big. As you can imagine, getting the buttons, knobs, joysticks, and triggers down to a science was kinda tricky. It certainly isn’t the GameCube’s Super Smash Brothers, that’s for sure. So I thought to myself, “Is it possible to hook this up to my Alienware and use it for some Steam games? I’d love to have some extra practice.”

Did some research, and it certainly is.

You can already hook up an Xbox 360 controller to a PC, there is a Microsoft sponsored driver for that. I’m not too sure of the detailed specs, but Dualshock doesn’t use the same sort of driver as Microsoft does; for obvious reasons. Solution? A man out there has made a program tool that installs his own driver, that essentially tricks the computer into thinking your Dualshock is an Xbox controller. What’s even better? You not only can utilize the wireless Bluetooth capabilities for your controller, but you can change the back lighting to any color you want!
Pretty crafty, if you ask me.

You launch up the server software, select your controller, and BAM. Your new Dualsho- I mean, ‘Xbox 360’ controller is ready to go.

When you open Steam, more specifically Steam’s “Big Picture”, every game will have a little controller icon showing that it is controller compatible. Most every game that isn’t PC exclusive has this. Some of my games that I use this with are Skyrim, Portal 2, Warframe, and Call of Duty (Wouldn’t advise it though, you’re at a disadvantage when going against mouse&keyboard players). The only one downside to this however, is that these games are programmed into PC to react to Xbox controllers. For example, opening a door in Skyrim will tell you to push A. It isn’t too big of a problem, just takes some time to figure out what goes where.

If you are a good blogger/reader and have read the post before clicking the link at the top, this is where you get the software.


This is quoted from the website, very important stuff.

“Make sure you have:

1. Microsoft .NET 4.0
2. Visual C 2010 Runtime.
3. Latest DirectX Runtime.
4. Latest Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Drivers available.
5. Minimum of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Dongle (if using Bluetooth).
6. Administrator rights on your PC.

7. Make sure you quit all other apps/games that can use the controller
(Steam/Uplay/TeamSpeak, etc)

8. Having MotionJoy drivers installed seem to cause issues for some people
9. This tool can’t run at the same time as DS3 SCP server gui or service”

As the date of this post is January 15, you want to download the ‘’.

Have fun, fellow PC gamers!

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