Simple Jam

This will be a rather short post, but it’s been a couple weeks!

So recently my Twitter feed has been blowing up with the hashtag #simplejam. Screenshots and gifs of approachable designs were all over the walls. I fell in love immediately!
While I really enjoy low-poly and pixel art work, it often gets a bad rep for not being high class and triple A. Truth is, lots of awesome mechanics have come out of the low poly scene, and it’s relatively easy for solo developers such as myself to pump out something to play with.

So I checked out the webpage for Simple Jam, and it’s being hosted by a Ryan Evans. It’s a really interesting game jam take: because it’s active for a couple of weeks. The whole idea is that “Weekend jams are great but they’re hard for people who have family commitments, second jobs, etc.” I love it!

So, I got to work on something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. My favorite game genre has always been Real Time Strategy. Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Dawn of War (the first one…not the second one), if you can name it, I’ve seen it in one way or another.
Because Unity is the only engine I’m sufficiently trained in (and really enjoy), I wanted to see if I had the capabilities to make my dream a reality- at least a start anyway. So here’s a little gif of my current

It’s a really simple little game, where right clicking on the tower will give you tanks, left clicking will direct them to a new position, and both sides will auto-fire on one another when they get in range. I’ll publish it here when it’s finished 🙂

Apart from some work on an internship with Chaotic Good, I’ve really been enjoying development on this. I love the idea of a simple game built around one mechanic, and it’s almost therapeutic to just turn on some music and work on an easy idea; my own time, my own “milestones”, and my own creativity.

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