Like many others, I’ve had a fascination with game music since before I could read. I remember my brother, a decade older than me, allowing me sit on the back of the couch as he played Zelda, James Bond, and Final Fantasy. I couldn’t understand much what was on the screen, but To Zanarkand and the Song of Time will always hold a nostalgic place in my heart.

I went on to pursue music in high school. Picked up the guitar, played in Jazz Band, took a theory class, marched bass drum, sang in choir, and played timpani. However, it was in that theory class where I really found an enthusiasm for composing! I remember writing out the Skyrim theme for a small horn section (albeit rather simple) and being so proud of my two page hand scribbled sheet music. It was exciting to see that I was able to recreate a tune that I admired so much, and that I had to potential to do it for myself!

So I’d like to catalog it all here. I’m no maestro, I don’t have the fancy software and years of training.
But, this is still something I’d like to do, and I’m learning every day.
So thank you for listening! I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Atmospheric horror suspense for two and a half minutes.
Lots of lower end, designed for headphones or sub woofers.

A fun little shopkeeper interior track!

Made for a recent game jam, Blind Wizard combines drums & pinched piano with 8bit waves.
As with several of my tunes here, they’re made to loop perfectly with themselves- hence the quick ending.

A retro remix of the battle tune from Final Fantasy 7.


This one is called CoSmIC BRoWnIe, made in about a couple hours for the Global Game Jam 2017.