My Games


As a student in game design, I’ll be publishing my finished projects and whatnot here. Enjoy!

  • Starship Atlas
    A text based adventure game inspired by Lifeline and Alien.
  • Ninja Couch Party Demo
    My current lovechild and passion project, an arcade platform fighter. Here’s a little demo for you to enjoy!
  • Silent Night
    An indie horror game about sound.
  • Tank Squad (Unity)
    An RTS overview with small blocky tanks. Click the tower to build a new tank, and click the ground to move your tanks. A little side project I made during Simple Jam.
  • SMBBZ9K (Unity)
     Final project of my first semester of Game Design. Up to two players.
    Fight a skeleton boss in a dungeon!
  • Roll-A-Ball (Unity)
     My own twist on the classic freshman Unity project: Roll-A-Ball.
    Roll a ball, gather squares. Fun!
  • Raid the Fort
     An unfinished story from when I was first learning JavaScript. Not representative of my current abilities, but I was once told to never erase your old progress!