Pixel Art

Below are some galleries of my pixel artwork. You can use your finger to slide on mobile.




nycThe Sleepless City

islandTreasured Island



final-bossMoon Guardian



A little bit of Procedural Generation with Downwell inspired tiles.

dave-exploreExploring Sakura, from Ninja Couch Party

One hour condensed to 20 seconds! A fun FTL inspired spaceship.

hari-webuploadNinja Couch Party Fighter Sheet: Hari

aza-webupload2Ninja Couch Party Fighter Sheet: Aza

playerspritesheetmainZelda Like Character Sheet

coinAnimated Coins

treasureShiny Treasure

rpg_tilesRPG Tiles

sojourn_magicMagic Casting Sprite Sheet

elenchosGhost Concept

speedbuildWorldbuilding With Tiles